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Cavaleiro, Instrutor e Responsável pela Escola de Equitação Miguel Alves

Equestrian riding in Cascais

Best equestrian riding experience near Lisbon

Surrounded by enchanting landscapes and a rich historical milieu, Lisbon, the vibrant capital city of Portugal, offers ample opportunities for equestrian riding tours.

A captivating blend of rugged coastlines, verdant meadows, rolling hills, and pristine beaches, Lisbon’s environs make for a splendid backdrop for trail riding, show jumping, dressage training, and polo competitions.

Novice riders, seasoned enthusiasts, and equestrian sports aficionados will find a myriad of equestrian centers and riding schools near Lisbon that offer a diverse range of courses, guided tours, and riding vacation packages.

Lisbon’s proximity to the rural regions of Estoril, Cascais, and Sintra invites a memorable horseback riding escapade punctuated by breathtaking views.

In Cascais and Estoril, nestled among vibrant green forests on one side and the mesmerizing Atlantic Ocean on the other, you can explore equestrian centers where riding courses are artfully paired with equine care.tutorials to give you a holistic equestrian experience.

Sintra’s tapestry, meanwhile, adorned with mystic forests and ancient castles, offers an alluring setting for a serene trail ride. The Regaleira Palace and the Pena Palace, with its fairy-tale-like charm, provide a glorious backdrop to those on horseback.

When you venture further into the heartlands, you’ll encounter the famed Portuguese Lusitano horses in the Ribatejo region, hosting horse breeding farms known as “Coudelarias.”

These farms are the perfect venue for spectators to witness the grandeur of these majestic animals and their remarkable performance in traditional Portuguese bullfighting. Many of them offer guided tours, allowing visitors to glean an intimate insight into the age-old tradition of Lusitano breeding, riding, and training.

For those seeking professional guidance or wish to enhance their equestrian skills, Lisbon brims with renowned riding schools and equestrian academies. From basic riding lessons for beginners to advanced dressage training for seasoned riders, these institutions provide the utmost quality training accompanied by internationally certified instructors.

These schools often host regional and national equestrian competitions, including show jumping and dressage events, allowing aspiring riders a grand stage to showcase their talent.


Equestrian riding in Cascais

The equestrian experience near Lisbon isn’t just about hopping onto a saddle and trotting along awe-inspiring trails. It’s a journey through Portugal’s rugged and resplendent landscapes, cloaked in rich history and pulsating cultures.

It’s about interacting with their noble horses, understanding the timeless bond between the rider and the horse, and immersing yourself into the graceful world of equestrianism. From tranquil trail rides to adrenaline-pumping equestrian sports, the charm of Lisbon casts an enchanting spell over every horse lover and riding enthusiast. As you canter towards the horizon, with the wind tousling your hair and the sun dipping into the sea, the beauty of equestrian riding near 

Choosing our equestrian riding school is a decision you will not regret.

  • Our school, with its experienced trainers and well-maintained facilities, is dedicated to nurturing your passion for riding, whether you are a novice or an experienced equestrian.
  • We boast a broad range of quality horses suitable for all ages and skill levels, providing you with a perfect match to aid in your development as a rider.
  • At our school, safety is paramount. We take optimal measures to ensure both our riders and horses experience a secure, wholesome environment.
  • Our instructors, with their comprehensive knowledge and personal experience, guide each student with patience and precision, personalizing instructions to suit each individual’s unique learning pace.
  • We offer an embodiment of theoretical knowledge and practical skills, ensuring you gain a balanced understanding of the equestrian world.
  • Our program is not only about instilling horse riding skills; it’s about forming a deep connection with these magnificent creatures, understanding their behaviors, and becoming a responsible horse owner or lover.
  • Being part of our equestrian school means embarking on a fulfilling journey of exploration, respect, and love for the equine species.

Choose Miguel Alves Horses Riding School and discover the joy and adventure of the equestrian life. 

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